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Luxury is Compassion

Peace Fur is the third option to a previously polarized debate that is both compassionate AND sustainable. Today both are prerequisites for our clients who understand 

"what they wear reflects who they are". 

Who wants to be associated with caging or with toxic petro chemicals when there's another option??

Peace Fur - solves both problems at once. 

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About Us

Compassionate Fur

...that doesn't require cages

Indulge in Luxury

while making a statement about your values

Wearing your Values and Legacy

Heirloom pieces that pass on ethics and unsurpassed aesthetics 

Fur Revolution

What is the Fur Revolution?

Many people don't wear fur because they do not want animals caged and killed. 1 million American animals die accidentally on our roads each day.  Peace Fur sources exclusively from these previously ignored animals to replace caged fur globally. 

Supporting a Living Wage

Peace Fur was founded by a single mother with her daughter by her side.  That means all our workers receive twice the minimum wage - a living wage.  Our commitment to being life affirming extends the entire breath and depth of our company. 

Working toward eco-friendly tanning

Peace Fur is currently exploring vegetable based tanning (tannins are in all plant matter and the original method for tanning fur and leather).   Dedication to sustainable business practice and ending the extremely hazardous heavy metal based methodology is on our horizon! 

One of a Kind Wearable Art

Each of our pieces are individually numbered and trace back to our sourcing data.  Not only is your piece a one of a kind piece of wearable art, but it is traceable and transparent - we believe in accountability.